the Japanese painting (Picture of ink 5)

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NO 1A-37
Shoeki Watanabe
/ Makinoo of the early summer
NO 1A-38
Shoka Hitomi
/ The Waterfall
NO 1A-39
Chikugai Himejima
/ Japanese banana plant
and stone

NO 1A-40
Hakuho Takebe
/ Spring Landscape
NO 1A-41
Gantai Saeki
/ Waterfall and Tortoise
NO 1A-42
Eishin Kano
/ Plums and birds

NO 1A-43
Koso Hirano
/ Crab and calligraphy
NO 1A-44
Keisui Oshi
/ Persimmon and hyperbird
NO 1A-45
Kaido Yamada
/ Flower and Calligraphy