the Japanese painting (Picture of ink 4)

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NO 1A-28
Monsui Ise
/ Kyogen (Sakuragari)
NO 1A-29
Bunsui Sakakibara
/ Picture of the person
NO 1A-30
Hian Shimizu
/ Cherry tree of the Shinto shrine

NO 1A-31
Tessan Yano
/ Ink Landscape
NO 1A-32
Tessai Tomioka
/ Ink Landscape
NO 1A-33
Kitsudo Utsumi
/ Pine tree and calligraphy


NO 1A-34
Sanpu Ibaraki
/ The moonlight fisherman
NO 1A-35
Nikka Tanaka
/ Formal headwear
for court nobles
NO 1A-36
Suiseki Kondo
/ Crabs and calligraphy