the Japanese painting (Picture of Color 1)

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NO 1B-1
Kosho Hama
/ Yatsugatake Plateau
NO 1B-2
Keijyu Imai
/ Old pine-tree and paddybird
NO 1B-3
Kouichi Okumura
/ Voice of the valley


NO 1B-4
Insho Domoto
/ Fine day
NO 1B-5
Insho Domoto
/@Fine spring day
NO 1B-6
Kosho Hama
/ Autumn of the farmhouse

NO 1B-7
Shunsai Horie
/ The early spring
NO 1B-8
Getsujyo Mori
/ The first sunrise of a new year
NO 1B-9
Shokoku Ikai
/ Noh (Owari no Hamanushi)