the Japanese painting (Picture of ink 11)

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NO 1A-91
Shokan Ohchi
/ Pine trees and moon
NO 1A-92
Haizan Yoshitsugu
/ Reed and wild goose
NO 1A-93
Shumin Ohta
/ Japanese apricot
   and waterfowls

NO 1A-94
Koichiro Kondo
/ Ink Landscape
NO 1A-95
Sesso Okada
/ Winter Landscape
NO 1A-96
Keinen Imao
/ A dead tree and crows


NO 1A-97
Ichian Tanaka
/ Black peony
NO 1A-98
Hakuin Tsuda
/ Winter Landscape
NO 1A-99
Gantai Saeki
/ Looking for a plum in snow


NO 1A-100
Jyoyo Nozawa
/ Ink Landscape
NO 1A-101
Ichian Tanaka
/ Melon and Mouse
NO 1A-102
Seigyo Wakasa
/ Ink Winter Landscape